I help people gather their ideas and get them onto the page in ways that really represent what they are trying to express. That means you can hire me to read your literary manuscript as easily as you can hire me to write your match.com profile. I take everything seriously except myself. If you want to progress as a writer under my stern but kindly gaze, you can sign up for my classes at The Attic Writers Institute at www.atticwritersworkshop.com. If you want private tutoring and coaching, you can write to me about your project at merridawn@merridawnduckler.com.
If you are looking for someone to ghost write work on any social media, find yourpersonalsecretary.net. If you want to know where to eat, what to wear, what movie is amazing and what show is over- rated, I have contact with what is probably—no, definitely— the most amazing set of mavens in town. That service is free, just because you came to my website and got this far.